We’ve made RightsVault really easy to use.

sign up and join rights vault
Join with your credit or debit card - membership ensures that the serial numbers are uniquely allocated to you, and will be, so long as you are a member of RightsVault.
Its just two clicks to upload your work, creation, idea, image to RightsVault and then it is locked away for your protection.

In the control panel you will be able to easily access your stored items, see and download your invoices and manage your subscription, as well as get help on using our system, not that you will need it, as its really easy to use.

RightsVault has been set up and designed to protect the creator, the formulator, the designer, and the wordsmith from litigation issues, as we know how difficult these legal issues can be.

Don’t let anyone copy or adapt your work again. Tell them that you are protected by Rights Vault, for the world to see.