So, how does it work.

RightsVault is easy to use.

Sign up free and choose the right package for you.
Upload unlimited files per year.
Each upload has its own unique serial number for protection.

So why RightsVault.

RightsVault - a place to lock your ideas away, making it easy for YOU to prove that this was your idea, your creation or your unique formulation..

What else does RightsVault Protect?

We all know that Copyright infringement is on the rise. Rightsvault protects the businesses and companies you work for against their brand being copied, or someone claiming that this isn’t an original idea. RightsVault protects you and the world you work in.

Promote your work to the World.

RightsVault is also an online directory of unique work, therefore, when businesses are looking for creators, they have a unique directory to view your work, and then contact you.